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RE: ksh on cygwin

> > Glenn found some test cases where mmap() failed and has 
> also written a nice test program. I will get this to you later.
> > He also states that the value returned by getpagesize() 
> must conform to mmap() alignment by definition in the SUSv2. 
> I'm not quite sure about that, though.
> See my reply to Robert.  It's just an example.  I don't have another
> reason at hand now but we already considered that change and we
> actually *had* reasons to avoid it.  Perhaps Chris can help out here.


> But, uhm, what exactly is a `superuser' from your point of view?
> We don't have that concept except for SYSTEM as _the_ user which
> is able to change user context w/o changing security policies.
> And on 9x/Me...

Does the SYSTEM user have uid == 0? Does any user have an uid == 0?
If not then it does not matter anyway. I can just leave it as it is.
If in future some superuser concept might find it's way into Cygwin, this $SHELL stuff is safe already.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I changed the rename() logic a bit.
rename("a", "b"): If "a" is really "a.exe" it is renamed to "b.exe"
rename("a", "b.suffix"): If "a" is really "a.exe" it is nevertheless renamed to "b.suffix". The ".suffix" implies that the user knows what she's doing.
rename("a.exe", "b"): The ".exe" suffix implies that the user knows what she's doing, too, so "a.exe" is renamed to "b"

This also holds for link().

I've taken that from UWIN, too.


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