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Re: telnet cannot see mount drive

     I have a crude, tacky workaround for this that I've been using with the AT command 
since the NT 3.51 days.  It fits much better with cron than with telnet (although 
perhaps something could be hacked up for telnet, too).

     Anyway, I have a little .BAT file in my Startup folder* that (implicitly) starts 
CMD.EXE and runs a little loop that, once a minute,  looks for .BAT files in my 
f:\Batch directory.  Whenever it finds one, it moves it to \Batch\Started and start up 
another CMD.EXE.

     Because this CMD.EXE was started in the context of my Windows NT login session, it 
has access to the drives I see interactively.  I can write batch jobs using the same 
drive mappings and not have to think about it.  My batch jobs, instead of being 
submitted directly, just put a stub in f:\Batch that points to the real job.

     I suppose, on the same principle, one could start a sort of CMD server in this 
context which would receive input/send output on a pipe, mailslot, whatever.  Whether 
it would perform reasonably for use with telnet, seems iffy, but vaguely possible. . .

     I imagine someone who knew the guts of NT pretty well could come up with a 
snappier solution, but that wouldn't be me.:-)  Meanwhile, what I have works for what I 
need it for.

*in NT 3.51, this seemed to need to be started as a login script, but
 NT 4.0 is happy if it's run from the Startup folder, which is a little
 less messy to set up.

> On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 01:07:35PM +0000, David Starks-Browning wrote:
> > On Thursday 10 Jan 02, Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > > Did you see my previous mail related to using network drives
> > > in ssh sessions, David?  That's the crucial stuff.
> > 
> > Probably, but I may have to dig around my archives.  I'll let you know
> > if I can't find it.
> My bad.  I meant "cron", not "ssh".  The problem is the same.
> The message is
> from today.

start /low /i /min F:\Users\RPraetorius\BatchLoop.bat
for %%b in (f:\Batch\*.bat) do call :BatchExecute %%b
sleep 60
goto again
del f:\Batch\Started\%~nx1
move %1 f:\Batch\Started\%~nx1
start /i cmd /c "f:\Batch\Started\%~nx1 > f:\Batch\Logs\%~n1.log 2>&1"
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