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RE: ksh on cygwin

> The problem is that by default the "Everyone" group has the uid and
> gid 0.  The user can change that in the passwd and group files.

OK, I'll take that out again then.

> You just should stick with uid/gid 18 for the user SYSTEM.  Are you
> familar with the NT security concept?  If you want to have a rough
> insight how that's used in Cygwin, I suggest reading
> It's rather old and a bit badly maintained but it's basically still
> correct.

I've read it a long time ago...

> One general question, though.  How do these changes to handle things
> like U/WIN collide with the propietary U/WIN license?  We don't want
> to have problems with AT&T suddenly.  Especially we don't want to
> have sources taken from U/WIN.

No sources were taken from UWIN or from the AST libraries.
I'm using UWIN quite a lot here at Ford, because I needed to use the MSVC++ compiler.
I've found many bugs in UWIN and I have email contact with David and Glenn on a regular basis. They asked me if I could help out porting AST to Cygwin, because they didn't want to touch (or even read) the Cygwin sources for obvious copyright problems.
The concepts I've taken from UWIN were explained to me by them verbally, so no source code involved here.
Other portions are rewritten from the AST sources (which are open source, see
I don't know if this license and the GPL collide, so I've rewritten the code from memory after looking at the sources.
The differences are substancial, so no problem here either.


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