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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 06:59:54PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>> I was going back over this thread before checking in a change to see if
>> I'd missed something.
>> I just realized that I didn't address this concern.  Don't know if it
>> matters but...
>> The difference between the SIG_IGN way and the "return TRUE" way is
>> that the SIG_IGN way stops the current process from responding to
>> a cygwin signal but still lets it respond to a Windows "signal".  That
>> means that the code in ctrl_c_handle can do its job, if it has to.
>Huh? I actually did the reverse - returning TRUE only prevented
>responding to a windows signal, but allowed responding to a cygwin

Yep.  Wrong behavior.  The stub should respond to windows signals
while the child is initializing.  Remember this discussion?

>>If we always "return TRUE" in the exec case, then there will be some
>>situations where the SIGINT is not delivered to the rest of the process
>>group since the code in ctrl_c_handler would be short circuited.
>I don't believe that is the case: Every console process attached to
>that console independently recieves the windows signal.  Only one has
>been disabled.  So the execing process's children will still recieve
>the windows signals and the cygwin signals.

The newly executed subprocess may not have yet set up ctrl_c_handler so
it will not do anything but die when CTRL-C comes in.  The stub will
ignore the CTRL-C.  That means that the rest of the processes in the
process group will not receive a CTRL-C.

>> My SIG_IGN "solution" is wrong, too, though.  The SIG_IGN would be
>> inherited by the exec'ed process.  Then the execed process would never
>> see a cygwin SIGINT signal.
>Yes. I still believe that return TRUE is a good solution... but if
>you've solved the obvious behaviour I'll be quite now :}.

I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why I couldn't just say
"race" and have you understand that there is a race but I'll stop
now, too.


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