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Re: pdksh on windows compiles no but doesn't work?


I have pdksh working. I had the same problems as you.

The 'make check' action runs a perl script. The perl script requires some .ph files. These .ph files are perly versions of your system's .h files.

I made the .ph files. However, I had to hack then a bit to get 'make check' to work. As usual I did this with taking many notes. I can supply you with some instructions if you wish.

Alternative approach #1. I noticed in the pdksh readme files that there is an alternative way of running the tests. I didn't look into it in any depth as I'd already got 'make check' running.

Alternative approach #2. 'make check' found a number of failures. All but one of these were expected, apparently. The other one had a comment saying that ksh88 also fails on it, so I didn't think it was too important.

Since I installed pdksh I've had no problems. I haven't been thrashing it though.

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