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Re: Setting up user mode cron

At 01:45 PM 1/10/2002, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>    Anyway, cron has no access to them. It's running under SYSTEM
>    account which has only access to publicly available net drives, that
>    is, drives which are available w/o any form of authentication
>    required. 


>    No credentials, no authenticated network drive access. That's it.
>Questions: What is a publicly available net drive? How does one tell if it is publicly available vs. non publicly available?

I think the above quote from Corinna answers this question.  In other words,
if Windows would ask you to identify yourself if you browsed to this share
as a user the domain doesn't know about, then you'll see a problem when 
trying to use this share with cron (and some other) tools.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. ;-)

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