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RE: Setting up user mode cron

	You wrote:
	>At 01:45 PM 1/10/2002, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
	>>    Anyway, cron has no access to them. It's running under SYSTEM
	>>    account which has only access to publicly available net
drives, that
	>>    is, drives which are available w/o any form of authentication
	>>    required. 
	>>    No credentials, no authenticated network drive access. That's
	>>Questions: What is a publicly available net drive? How does one
tell if it is publicly available vs. non publicly >available?
	>I think the above quote from Corinna answers this question.  In
other words,
	>if Windows would ask you to identify yourself if you browsed to
this share
	>as a user the domain doesn't know about, then you'll see a problem
	>trying to use this share with cron (and some other) tools.
	>Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. ;-)

	This seems correct to me, and I would add (or rather expand on how
to become a "user the domain doesn't know about") that to find out what
shares are publicly accessible, you need to log in to your workstation with
unprivileged credentials, for example as \\localmachinedomain\guest (on NT,
use the "User Manager" to see what accounts are defined on your machine).
Accessing a non-public network share will then require you to enter a
domain\userid and password, while a public share will be accessible without
credentials.  I don't know if NT caches userid/password combinations for
network share attempts subsequent to a properly authenticated non-public
share access, so be careful here.

	I have used batch files with NT's AT command and run into the same
problem.  My solution was to put a "net use <drive>: <password>
/user:<domain>\<userid" in the batch file before the share access was
required.  And yes, that leads to the plaintext password security problem,
also (so those scripts didn't last long -- they tended to be one-time

	Warm Regards,

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