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Re: CVS 1.11: (reposted many times!) Will anybody answer me about "cvs co -r" bug under cygwin, finally???

Alexei Lioubimov wrote:

> So,
> Is it very difficult to give just a short answer?
> Help, please! --
> I'm trying to get the solution and sent this questions to cygwin list and to
> cvs
> list already twice -- but the result is poor -- i got no concrete answer!
> But,
> because "cvs co -r <tag>" is not working under Cygwin!!!
> I tried a  "cvs co -r mytag myproj" and receive the following:
> cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot open directory .../CVS/mypoj/Attic: Not a
> directory
> Is it impossible to checkout a tag or revision if module doesn't
> contain Attics?

No, it is not impossible.  I do it all the time.  I don't know what your 
problem is -- and I didn't want to pollute the mailing list with "it 
works for me".  Apparently, it works for EVERYONE but you(*), because 
nobody has responded.

(*) this implies a problem with your computers' setup and/or configuration

Lack of response sometimes means no-one has an answer for you.  It 
appears that is the case here.  Sorry.  It is entirely possible you may 
have to (GASP) debug this problem yourself.  You can download the cygwin 
versions of the source code to gdbm and cvs using setup.exe, and then 
follow the directions to rebuild those packages -- but set CFLAGS="-g" 
first, in order to build a debuggable version.

You may even need to build a debuggable version of the cygwin kernel 
(search the mailing list archives for instructions).

Use gdb, and figure out WHY cvs is trying to access Attic, when there is 
no Attic in the project.  That's your first step -- and unfortunately, 
since nobody else seems to be experiencing the problem, nobody else will 
be able to debug it for you.  Including me.

gdbm, cvs maintainer

P.S. I debated whether to send this message at all -- unofficial mailing 
list "policy" seems to be that reposted messages are downgraded, not 
upgraded, in priority.  (IOW, "Why the hell haven't you evil bastards 
answered my question yet" doesn't endear the poster to those with the 
desired information.)  However, you do not seem to understand that -- 
and I've noticed a trend lately in "Answer me dammit" messages on the 
list so I thought a little explanation about why messages sometimes go 
unanswered was justified.

See: -- section entitled: "Posting 
Guidelines (Or: Why won't you/the mailing list answer my questions?)" "How to ask 
smart questions"

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