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gcc under windows xp

hi there!

i previously used cygwin under a windows 2000 environment, and it worked
really fine. (i more or less only use the gcc compiler and tools)
but i got myself a new machine, and - bad luck - it only really runs fine
under windows xp. So there i am on my win xp system, and, yes the cygwin shell
works, but: gcc always complains about not being able to reserve space for a
heap or stack.
I'm not really sure, if this tells you what problem i have, i'm not a pro, i
just wanted to ask, if there is a known possibilty to use cygwin and gcc
under windows xp.
If there is, please tell me, and if it would help you to have the complete
error message, just tell me. (but i think you know more about the technical
problems than i probably ever will....)

it would be real nice to hear from you


Christoph Schwarz
+43 664 1446824

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