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RE: Copy and Paste into Console

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On Behalf
> Of Randall R Schulz

> Gary,
> I was happy to learn about this:
> ># Make insert actually useful
> >"\e[2~": paste-from-clipboard

Me too, since I didn't know about it myself until I went to answer the question.
Who'd have guessed that even *I* could learn a thing or two from the FAQ? ;-)

Now I just hope I don't start hitting the
otherwise-good-for-nothing-but-causing-grief insert key in TextPad etc.

> ...since it is not documented via "man readline," "man bash" nor in my
> rather dated hard-copy BASH manual.

I'd guess that "paste-from-clipboard" probably doesn't do much on non-Windows
readlines.  Might be specific to the Cygwin port, I really don't know.

> However, I now have two questions:
> 1) Where does one find complete and definitive information on readline as
> implemented / used by BASH.

AFAICT, man readline pretty much covers it, with the above exception, which all
I can tell you about that is I got it from the FAQ.

> 2) Why does "paste-from-clipboard" stop just before the first newline in
> the clipboard contents while middle-mouse pastes the entire contents? Is
> there another undocumented clipboard pasting readline primitive that pastes
> the entire clipboard? (Running strings on /lib/libreadline.a suggests there
> is not.) Is this a bug, or intended behavior?

I have absolutely no idea.  Wasn't there when it happened ;-).

> Thanks.
> Randall Schulz
> Mountain View, CA USA

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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