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Setting Cygwin terminal colors?

The default light grey on black background of the terminal window gives
me a great deal of eye strain.  I would like to change the background
color, default color of text, and the colors of highlights, reverse
video, etc.-- just as I can with the two telnet clients I'm currently

I've searched the archives for this list and found some small amount of
discussion about the topic.  I'm running Win98, so setting the
properties of cmd.exe are not available to me (I haven't tried out the
port to Win9x of cmd.exe, yet).  There's nothing in the bash man page
to help me, and the other pages that were mentioned are not in my

The article that comes closest to my concern is located at
<>.  In this
article the author remarks "...IIRC you should read a description of
the terminal. one example is the linux-manpage console_codes (section 4
I think)." Where is this document available?  Would it provide the
information I'm seeking?  If not, what do I need to look for?

Thanks for your help,

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