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Re: telnet cannot see mount drive - another method

On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 06:36:22AM +0000, Tiffany Chan wrote:
> I have try another method to "cd" to another server
> rather than using "mount" or "net use". 
> In my case, I want to get/put files from w2k advanced
> server to/from HP-Unix Server.
> ---------------        			        ----------------
> Cygwin in w2k					HP-Unix
>  		   <--User Mapping by SFU -->
> /home/UserA					/upload/UserA 
> Owner=UserA:GroupA				Owner=UserA:GroupA Mode:755
> 						Under /upload/UserA,
> 						755 UserA:GroupA FileOne
> 						755 UserA:GroupA DirOne
> ---------------					----------------
> I installed a software "Service For Unix 2.0" (SFU)
> which is used to map userid and group between w2k and
> Unix. 
> The Unix Server acts as NFS server. I telnet to w2k
> using Cygwin, logon as UserA and type
> $cd "\\\UnixServer\\upload\\UserA"
> $ls -l
> rw-r--r-- UserA:GroupA FileOne
> rwxr-xr-x UserA:GroupA DirOne
> The ownership is correct, but the mode go wrong. When
> I type
> $chmod 755 FileOne
> The mode of FileOne also 644 shown in Cygwin. 755
> shown in Unix.
> UserA can delete FileOne in Cygwin. Thus I think the
> ownership is mapped between w2k and Unix correctly. 
> What's wrong with the "mode" ? Did it related to
> "mapping leak" ? 
> How to shown 755 in Cygwin when I type `chown 755
> FileOne` in `\\UnixServer\upload\UserA` ?

I can think of three possible causes:

- SFU has fixed settings for ACE permission bits <-> UNIX permissions
  which do not correspond cleanly (in which case you would be out of
- SFU has configurable settings for that.
- The NFS share's mapping disallows setting the x-bit.

In either way it could help to debug that problem.


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