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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

Chris Faylor wrote:

>There is a snapshot up there now which seems to work ok.
>Again, many thanks to Robert Collins for tracking this down.
>Although I said I wasn't overly interested in tracking this down
>myself, I was interested in seeing the lessening in email traffic that I
>hope this fix engenders.
>I do expect that, when this cygwin DLL is released, there could be a
>reaction from another, previously silent camp who relied on the old
>CTRL-C behavior.  I guess it will be interesting to see if that is the

Many thanks for looking at this. While the iron is hot - this problem is 
still outstanding and I don't know whether you would expect this to be 
fixed also:

Interactive bash shell starts:
         -> shell script using ash starts:
                 -> java program

^C-ing the script does not have any visible effect (i.e. the java program 
is not killed). As noted previously this problem is resolved if you make 
/bin/sh be bash rather than ash.



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