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Re: Compiling apps to Mingw32 with cygwin

> Subject: Re: Compiling apps to Mingw32 with cygwin
> Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 13:25:17 +1100
> From: "Robert Collins" <>
> To: "Jon Leichter" <>
> CC: <>
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Jon Leichter" <>
> > > See above why it doesn't. mingw != cygwin :}.
> >
> > If 'build' WERE to be tested automatically, independent to 'host', it
> would
> > come up with 'i686-pc-cygwin'. Thus, we'd effectively end up with the
> same
> > line you specified above. So that does work, right? Or are you trying
> to
> > confuse me again??? :)
> What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. IF build were tested correctly
> yes. But it's not currently tested - it defaults to host IFF host is
> defined.

This rule is changed for 2.50 and greater.  Build no longer takes on the
value of host and you're warned about this when specifying --host
without specifying --build.  IIRC, if you specify build without host
then host takes on the value of build but I may be wrong on this point.


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