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Re: Ash spawning win32 programs (was Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...)

At 11:11 PM 1/11/2002 +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>Start the ash script in the background, and then use ps. See if the java
>program appears in ps. If it does - check via task manager or process
>explorer to see if the reported cygwin pid is the same as the actual
>java.exe pid.
>If it doesn't appear, then no cygwin stub exists, and quite some work
>may be needed to *efficiently* create such a virtual process. (it would
>be quite trivial via the daemon :})
>If it does appear, and the shown cygwin pid is the same as the java.exe
>pid, then no stub exists, but the bulk of the code to have a 'virtual'
>process is there, but signals aren't working correctly.
>If it does appear, and the shown cygwin pid is different than the actual
>java.exe pid, then there is a stub, and things should be working
>correctly - I'll take a direct look at this point.

ash script pid reported by shell:       828
ash script pid in task manager:         856
java pid reported by ps                 1640    PPID 828
java pid reported by task mnager        1640
bash pid                                1248

BTW with the script started in the background (or indeed fg and ^Z) kill %1 
does not work (it used to) it is reported as terminated but is still running.


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