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RE: Edit file

This is rather off topic since it's not a cygwin problem, IMO, but I'll help
you anyway because I'm nice like that :P

What you probably want is:

bash$ cat visualiser/ | sed "s!import
visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;!//import visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;!" > out.txt

I've used ! instead of / because it saves you having to escape the // and
sed lets you use almost any delimiter that you want.  I haven't actually
tested this and so I can't vouch 100% that it'll work, however it should.
If you carry on having problems then email me privately and I'll see what I
can do to help you out.



-----Original Message-----
From: Rob []
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 1:48 PM
To: Cygwin
Subject: Edit file


I would like to make a script that can change a line in a file.. commenting
out a line in a java source file to be precise.

I would like to look for this line:
  import visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;
and edit it to this:
  // import visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;

Can I do this?

I tried using sed with this line:

cat visualiser/ | s/import
visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;/\/\/import visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;/ | out.txt

and this was what I got:

<r;/\/\/import visualiser.HostIDVPatcher;/ | out.txt
BASH: s/import: No such file or directory
BASH: ///import: No such file or directory
BASH: /: is a directory
BASH: out.txt: command not found

Thanks for any help!



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