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RE:Cygwin on a CD

At 04:27 AM 1/11/2002, Jorge Goncalvez wrote:
>Hi, I use Cygwin and I wonder if it would be possible to run Cygwin environment 
>without installing it in hard disk, by running it from a CD for exemple, I know 
>that some Linux distribution can be run without installing them(no special 
>partition needed) in hard disk and running them from a CD.

Should be possible but I don't know of anyone who's made it work (or at 
least reported it).  The biggest issue is handling config files
(profiles, passwd, group, various rc files, etc).  I'm sure one can work
out the details of it but it might take a little effort.  I toyed with it
for a b19 installation I had (a long time ago) but I didn't put any real 
effort into handling all the config files so I didn't get too far.

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