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Proposed Mailing List Page Reorg (was: RE: No stderr output)

A while ago I was helping students that were new 
to bash and UNIX and I wrote a little guide in HTML.
Late I put together "Cygwin-Lite" (Cygwin on a floppy)
and added the guide. This was before the setup.exe
changes that made a minimal install easy. I've 
stopped updating Cygwin-Lite but I think the webpage
is useful:

At the bottom there are lots of links to other useful
information. Anybody want to take a look and try to
guess what I was smoking at the time?

> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:55:54 -0600
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From:
> []On Behalf
> > Of Christopher Faylor
> >
> [snip]
> > >For Bourne style shells I use
> > >
> > >runme > filename 2>&1
> > >
> > >This redirects stdout first and then stderr to
> whereever stdout is
> > >pointing.
> >
> > If this doesn't do it, then I think the best plan
> is to find help from
> > another mailing list.  Basic shell questions are
> not really appropriate
> > here -- especially given the recent volume we've
> been experiencing.
> I've been cogitating for a while that it could be
> mutually beneficial to
> inexperienced users and regulars' blood pressures
> alike if the Cygwin mailing
> list page listed a few concrete URLs to such
> "newbie" lists/newsgroups/FAQs etc,
> and at the same time reworked the wording on the
> description of this particular
> list.  Currently it says, "If you have questions
> about how to use Cygwin, or any
> of its tools (bash, gcc, make, etc.), this is the
> list for you."  That means:
> "If you have any question whatsoever regarding
> anything you can associate
> somehow with Cygwin, post it here."  That's simply
> not the intention of the list
> (at least since I've been around), nor should it be,
> but the description simply
> gives no indication of the true intent, i.e.
> "Cygwin-specific questions only
> need apply".
> Now as for where best to send people, I have no idea
> (maybe some can just point
> into the appropriate section of the FAQ).  But
> here's a rough outline of what
> I'm thinking:
> Help With The Tools Packaged With Cygwin
> ========================================
> Can't figure out the bash command line syntax? 
> Don't know what a HOME is?
> What-ular expressions?  These are general Unix sorts
> of questions , and you'll
> have the best luck getting help at one of these many
> fine resources:
> Unix basics: http://wherever/
> Bash up the wazoo: news://bash.whatever/
> Regular Expressions Revealed: mailinglist://heretoo/
> Cygwin Specific Mailing Lists
> =============================
> cygwin-xfree: (same description, note the clever
> inversion of these two, thus
> guaranteeing that no xfree questions get into the
> main list).
> cygwin: A high volume list solely for the discussion
> of Cygwin-specific
> issues/problems/etc.  If you have questions
> specifically related to the Cygwin
> ports of the tools, *not* regarding the tools
> themselves, post here.
> Cygwin Developers Mailing Lists
> ===============================
> Heaven help you if you post something off topic to
> one of these:
> cygwin-apps: blah blah blah
> etc
> etc
> Comments?  Questions other than "what are you
> smoking"? ;-)
> --
> Gary R. Van Sickle
> Brewer.  Patriot.

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