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Re: RPM installer needed for my PHP project

Jean-Michel POURE wrote:

> Le Vendredi 11 Janvier 2002 17:10, Charles Wilson a écrit :
>>Please search the mailing list archives (cygwin and cygwin-apps) where
>>the RPM issue has been ENDLESSLY discussed.  You will discover, among
>>other things, that we have repeatedly said "somebody needs to
>>port/maintain/contribute the package" and "(ditto) db".
>>Then we ask "Do you want to volunteer?"
> I see your point.
> The problem is that I am already working on two projects :
> - converting PHP classes and applications to an integrated 
> framework of RPM ready-to-use files. I need help on the RPM side at $W. 
> - building an open source global Home Location Registry
> (HLR) and VLR databases for future i802.11a applications. This has nothing to 
> do with RPM.
> I am too busy to maintain RPM under $W. 

Yep, that's pretty much what I expected.

> Can anyone help? I feel like Windows 
> has no future...

Overly dramatic much?

I mean, long term, of course you are correct.  In 4B years, our sun will 
explode and cook everything on earth -- and by then even MS will be extinct.

db mostly builds -- as a static lib -- OOB.  I've already ported 
db-2.7.7 and 3.1.x so that it builds as a DLL and made that available on 
my website and to the various people who get excited about RPM...who 
then dissappear.

I'm not too keen on supporting something -- when even the "excited" 
users aren't motivated enough to take a PRE-EXISTING port and just 
maintain the damn thing.

Geez -- I even ported rpm and provided it on my website.

Dunno anything about db-4.x.  (Oh, and given the lack of testing, there 
may be unresolved binary/text mount issues with my ports of db and/or rpm)

It's not windows that has no future -- it's the level of participation 
of people who want rpm that will trend to zero.  Cynical theory:  Anyone 
who wants a cygwin port of rpm will not ever become an active 
contributor nor participate in cygwin development.  Anyone who complains 
about setup.exe "reinventing the wheel" by using .tar.bz2 distribution 
formats instead of rpm/dpkg will whine bitterly for a week, and then 
dissappear -- and perhaps pop up with a new sourceforge project that 
will purport to provide "cygwin with rpm" that is an incomplete version 
of our platform.  Further this cygwin-rpm-sourceforge project will die 
in less than six months -- but will lead to endless questions on our 
mailing list about this deviant and unsupported "distribution".  (Yes, 
it's happened at least twice already).

Sorry if that seems bitter -- but I've observed the pattern : new 
poster, rpm -- WAY too many times to just shrug it off.


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