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Re: RPM installer needed for my PHP project

Le Vendredi 11 Janvier 2002 18:04, Charles Wilson a écrit :
> It's not windows that has no future -- it's the level of participation
> of people who want rpm that will trend to zero.

I also noticed it when working on the Windows PostgreSQL administration 
interface called pgAdmin ( There are 2000 to 
4000 downloads a day, but we are only three contributors. This makes a lot of 
work for us... We asked for help and got not one single reply.

On the converse, some guy announced the release of a pre-pre-pre beta version 
of some Gnome application doing basically the same thing. The day after he 
had 20 contributors.

Cygwin case is in the middle : people are trying to bring Windows to the 
Linux and Unix paradize. This is hard.

Believe me, the problem is not with personal involvement. There are 300.000 
Linux developpers and somehow 80.000 Linux ongoing projects. Noone can stop 
this storm.

This is because Linux users have a sence of commitment and believe in 
Freedom. What Windows user see is just " OK, it's free, so I wron't need to 
pay ". Linux user look at the same thing and say " Whoo, fantastic, This Is 
Freedom ".

I will contact you off-the-list to explain this Php project. It is big and 

Best regards,

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