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Re: start up directory


Am 2002-01-12 um 00:18 schriebst du:

>> How do I change my start up directory?

> I got the following response:

>> edit your entry in /etc/passwd.  It lists your home directory.

1. no need to edit the /etc/passwd file, create one with `mkpasswd'.

2. it depends how you start the bash shell (at least for me), if I run
   x:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe --options -e bash ...  directly
from a shortcut the shell opens in the directory where the shortcut
is stored (desktop for me), if I run the same command from a batch file
which is stored at the Cygwin root it works correct and the bash opens in
my home dir as it is defined it in /etc/passwd.

> However, I don't understand how my system is working at the moment. This is
> what I see at startup when do a "pwd":

> Robert Mark Bram@ROB ~

You should also avoid spaces in your user/pathname!

> $ pwd

> Robert Mark Bram@ROB ~
> $

> And this is the contents of my /etc/passwd:
> Robert Mark Bram::500:544::/home/Robert Mark Bram:/bin/bash

Don't use spaces in your username.

> It is such a strange start up directory - a folder for Rational Rose. When I
> check my environment variables I find these two:


> TERM=nutc

> Does anyone know how I should fix this without changing my environment
> variables?

More information probably in the FAQ and the docu, links at the bottom.


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