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Re: progamming with Cygwin GNU Readline Library

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Hiroo Hayashi wrote:
>> Charles> 'gcc -static' + -DREADLINE_STATIC
>> Your answer solved my problems.  Thank you very much.
>> Charles> Or wait for the next release of cygwin readline, which should
>> Charles> make all of these problems go away.
>> Do you have a rough estimatation when will it be released?  If it may
>> take a few months or more, I'll consider to make a new release of my
>> perl module.

Try the readline-4.2a-1 package (along with libreadline5) which were 
just announced.  With that package, your bug.c program returns the 
correct results...

Also, you should no longer need to specify -DREADLINE_STATIC when 
compiling.  Just compile without that flag, and then link (dynamically, 
or statically using -static)

Note that this still won't fix the problem with static initializers and 
dynamic linking.  You must either link statically or initialize your 
variable inside main().


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