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Re: Windows XP and cygwin's heap

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 01:25:22PM +0100, Lapo Luchini wrote:
>> > I doubt he has a older version of the DLL.
>> > But maybe the is some program that installed an older version without
>> him
>> > ever knowing it was used, I'll tell him to search his hard-disk for
>> > cygwin1.dll's
>> Thats actually quite likely. There are quite a few programs out there
>> that have unix origins that include cygwin1.dll - sometimes without
>> telling the user. Grr.
>Sadly that's not the case (sadly because that would have been the

You *are* running an older version of cywin.  It wasn't speculation.
The error message you gave comes from an older version.

Sadly, you aren't providing any real details so it is difficult to help
any further.

>to the problem)... any other idea?
>No-one else has that problem with XP?


>Any chance there is a renamed copy of cygwin dll?

No idea what this means.

>Anyway I just suggested my friend to do a "cygcheck -s" and to send it
>here... let's see...

It's odd that you would suggest this to your friend but not provide this
information yourself.


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