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Re: OK to mention if it runs on cygwin

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 08:40:22AM -0800, Tim Prince wrote:
>Robert Collins wrote:
>>If it's running on cygwin, I wouldn't object to it being discussed here.
>I'm sure others will object to my seizing upon your opening.  I got struct 
>running on cygwin yesterday, which demonstrates a significant improvement in 
>Unix compatibility on cygwin.  I have tried many times before, but this time 
>it was no different from setting it up for linux.  struct is an old Unix 
>version 6 program which translates dirty old Fortran into a structured 
>Fortran-compatible form which resembles C (ratfor).  Ratfor can in turn be 
>translated to g77 with indentation, using all the f90 extensions to avoid 
>goto's.  If anyone has suggestions about how to translate my associated lex 
>pre-processor to flex, I'd be grateful.

And you think that a subject like "OK to mention if it runs on cygwin" will
attract hordes of flex/lex hackers to your cause?

For the record, generic flex/lex issues *are* off-topic.  Surely you can
get help in a more appropriate mailing list (or web page or newsgroup).


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