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Re: OK to mention if it runs on cygwin

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 08:40:22AM -0800, Tim Prince wrote:
>>Robert Collins wrote:
>>>If it's running on cygwin, I wouldn't object to it being discussed here.
>>I'm sure others will object to my seizing upon your opening.  I got struct 
>>running on cygwin yesterday, which demonstrates a significant improvement in 
>>Unix compatibility on cygwin.  I have tried many times before, but this time 
>>it was no different from setting it up for linux.  struct is an old Unix 
>>version 6 program which translates dirty old Fortran into a structured 
>>Fortran-compatible form which resembles C (ratfor).  Ratfor can in turn be 
>>translated to g77 with indentation, using all the f90 extensions to avoid 
>>goto's.  If anyone has suggestions about how to translate my associated lex 
>>pre-processor to flex, I'd be grateful.
> And you think that a subject like "OK to mention if it runs on cygwin" will
> attract hordes of flex/lex hackers to your cause?
> For the record, generic flex/lex issues *are* off-topic.  Surely you can
> get help in a more appropriate mailing list (or web page or newsgroup).

And then, one you have discovered (from that lex-specific mailing list) 
that the program 'relexer' will translate your code for you, THEN you 
can come back to the cygwin list and ask "has anybody had luck getting 
'relexer' working under cygwin?  I just tried to build it and ....  I 
checked the ml archives, and the german software mirror, but no luck"


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