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Re: gdb crashes my machine

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 11:21:49AM -0800, Timothy J. Wood wrote:
>  gdb typically runs fairly well for me, but in some cases where my 
>program crashes, gdb prints out the fact that my program crashed and 
>prints the name of some random function I've never heard of (I can get 
>the name if it would help).  gdb then appears to hang my machine.  
>Killing it via control-option-delete will just kill the whole machine.
>  I'm currently using WinME (since that's what I had on my machine).  
>Would it be better to upgrade to Win2K or (groan) XP?  Is this a known 
>problem in gdb?

It's a known problem in WinME.  If gdb crashes for some reason while it
is debugging a program, then eventually Windows 9x, Windows ME, and, I
believe, Windows NT 4.0, will all hang.

If gdb hangs it can get in the same state.

If you kill gdb from the Task Manager (or whatever) it will put your
system in the same state.

There are a few bugs in gdb which can cause it to crash or hang, but
the fact that this can hose your WinME system is really a WinME bug.

Small consolation, I know.  The only fix is to make sure that gdb doesn't
do that.

Patches gratefully accepted, and all that...


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