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Re: gdb crashes my machine


If you're debugging a program written in a native language such as C or C++ 
(as opposed to a interpreted, protected language such as Java), then an 
"OS" without a strong memory protection model is hardly an advisable 
environment in which to do so. Your life will be full of pain if you try to 
develop non-trivial C/C++ code on a non-protected OS platform.

<OT mode="rant">Don't get me started on XP, though. I'll never voluntarily 
enter into a subscription relationship with Microsoft. Windows 2K is 
survivable, if not particularly palatable. For me, it was only because of 
my former employer's demands that I run Windows at all.</OT>

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 11:21 2002-01-13, Timothy J. Wood wrote:
>gdb typically runs fairly well for me, but in some cases where my program 
>crashes, gdb prints out the fact that my program crashed and prints the 
>name of some random function I've never heard of (I can get the name if it 
>would help).  gdb then appears to hang my machine. Killing it via 
>control-option-delete will just kill the whole machine.
>I'm currently using WinME (since that's what I had on my machine). Would 
>it be better to upgrade to Win2K or (groan) XP?  Is this a known problem 
>in gdb?
>I'll try to track down the exact thing that my program is doing wrong, but 
>if I recall the last time this happened, it was that I had a function 
>pointer that as NULL and I was calling through it.
>Any suggestions appreciated.  I did try searching the archives, but 
>searching for 'gdb crash' is an exercise in futility :)

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