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Re: Proposed Mailing List Page Reorg

----- Original Message -----
From: "Soren Andersen" <>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 3:17 PM

>  - can one safely assume that a noobie who finds Cygwin grasps that
> tools that are packed with cygwin (bash, login, man, for example)
> specific to Cygwin at all but long predate it, and

Can we? The newbie who finds cygwin because they are told to by a
friend, may not have any unix background, and therefore see *nothing* to
cause them to realise that the tools come from elsewhere - particularly
Win32 users, where MS provide *everything* (or so they may think).

>  - can one safely assume that noobies will think "these tools that i
> given with Cygwin run the same 'on cygwin' as they do on any
Uni* -like
> platform (and therefore general documentation 'out there' will apply

>From experience on this list, I can assert that this is an unsafe
assumption. Many many many questions are asked that are solveable by
simple examination of existing documentation - like the recent lex->flex
question (while I didn't know that answer, that's gotta be a flex FAQ!).

> and
>  - can one safely assume that noobies who might even guess at the
first two
> points might not think anyway that "maybe I'll find friendlier, more
> sympathetic folks to hold my trembling timorous hand here, than I
would if
> I ventured onto onto the Wierd Wild Web in search of generalized help
> these tools"? (Point of this last is not to characterize the cygwin
list as
> "nasty" or to propose that it self-characterize this way, but to
> that a LITTLE warning of a slightly stern-sounding nature at the
> door" might be expeditious and appropriate given that folks on this
> BAL [By And Large] clearly DON'T want anymore to answer questions like
> "what does man do" or "how do I login to bash").

Good point.

> Unless there is one single extremely knowledgeable and
> oriented person who knows where to send people (and such people do
exist I
> think, but whether one will care to undertake this is another
> then I think that a little project (or a little "coordinated
> collaboration", for lovers of ornate terminology!) needs to be created
> develop and verify a list of
> resources to send such visitors to.
> The task (of writing up re-directions for some of these categories or
> inquiries) can be done once, -- to set up more precise explanations
> info at the site; or it can be done as its been done, repeated over
> over again as similar questions appear on the list and are answered
one at
> a time.

I can make an assertion here:
contribute patches. Contribute the links *you know* (come on' after more
than a years use you must have collected a few useful links). Don't
worry about whether they are the best links, that's what open source
doco is for!

If *you* don't, and noone else *does*, then nothing will happen, and in
6 months Chris will say "I've been cogitating..."

As a side note: Perhaps we can have a homepage link in setup.ini (and
thus the package listing too) for each package?


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