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Re: Proposed Mailing List Page Reorg

On Monday 14 Jan 02, Robert Collins writes:
> > The task (of writing up re-directions for some of these categories or
> > inquiries) can be done once, -- to set up more precise explanations
> and
> > info at the site; or it can be done as its been done, repeated over
> and
> > over again as similar questions appear on the list and are answered
> one at
> > a time.
> I can make an assertion here:
> contribute patches. Contribute the links *you know* (come on' after more
> than a years use you must have collected a few useful links). Don't
> worry about whether they are the best links, that's what open source
> doco is for!
> If *you* don't, and noone else *does*, then nothing will happen, and in
> 6 months Chris will say "I've been cogitating..."

As you might expect, this has come up before.  I would consider
devoting space in the FAQ for pointers to basic UNIX resources.
However, I'm not the person to locate the resources or judge which are
suitable and which are crap.  (After 20 years of UNIX, my skills are
such that man pages and google are enough!)  If someone can distill a
few good resource pointers, I'll provide an item in the FAQ for them.

That is, when I get my home internet connection working... :-(

(Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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