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tetex installation error: texconfig init fails


I am not managing to get tetex installed. The step 
`texconfig init' fails. Below I have copied the quick 
installation help in /usr/doc/Cygwin/tetex-beta20001218.README 
and the results I have got

# Quick Installation:
# Here is an overview of a typical installation:
# 1] install the binaries with the cygwin setup as usual;


# 2] install  TDS at /usr/share/texmf (see above):
#      cd /usr/share
#      mkdir -p texmf
#      tar -zxf teTeX-src-1.0.tar.gz

This seems strange to me. Isn't it the teTex-texmf tarfile
that I have to untar in texmf directory? Do I have to 
install the whole tetex distribution, enter the teTeX-1.0
and run configure? (I also tried this but configure fails.)

# 3] check the configuration files in /usr/share/texmf/web2c
#      texmf.cnf, fmtutil.cnf and mktex.cnf
#    please note that the distributed configuration files are
#    (with extension) frozen to avoid overwriting.

Do I have to rename these .frozen files later. I tried both
possibiblities but the problem persists.

# 4] configure TeX:
#      texconfig confall
#      texconfig rehash (or mktexlsr)
#      texconfig init

First two commands run without error. The third produces the error

  Running mf to create plain base ...
  ! mf.pool doesn't match; tangle me again (or fix the path).

and similar errors for several .pool files appearing in 

#   and to configure what you need:
#      texconfig 
# See /usr/doc/tetex-XXX/QuickInstall for more informations.

As I said I also tried this but configure does not find lex...

For the moment when I run latex I get 

  I can't find the format file `latex.fmt'!

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion!

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