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Re: Compiling apps to Mingw32 with cygwin

Jon Leichter wrote:
> > > Using Robert's invocation WOULD put configure in cross-compile mode.
> > But
> > > since using Cygwin GCC to generate MinGW is ALMOST like a
> > cross-compile, it
> > > will work out ok. In fact, one compelling reason to use Robert's
> > method is
> > > because one wants the configure script to use the correct build tools,
> > e.g.
> > > cp instead of copy, rm instead of del, etc. I tend to agree that the
> > build
> > > environment IS Cygwin for this very reason.
> > >

You're not going to switch the tools from cp to copy or rm to del by
doing as I suggest.  You would have to buggle (use unnecessary
conditions) the to do that.

> > > So here's a question. If configure is put into cross-compile mode
> > (with
> > > Robert's method), then wouldn't it be the case that configure would
> > NOT
> > > execute test binaries? If so, does that hurt the configuration process
> > in
> > > any way? Is this a problem?
> >
> > Errgle. It _can_ affect the configure process. Say for instance, squid.
> > Squid uses test binaries to determine socket sizes, maximum fd limits
> > and the like, which it can't do during a cross compile run, so the cross
> > compiler (individual) has to provide those on the command line.
> > Cross-compiling certainly reduces the 'magic' detection that can take
> > place.
> >
> > Rob
> Grrr... This makes one start believing that Earnie's method is more correct.

Uhm, yes, that would be the reason not to emulate the cross build.

> I suppose the right answer to this question is: use whichever method seems
> to work best for the project that you're working on. If they both work the
> same, then use your favorite one.

Note, that I think that a _true_ cross build is the more correct way to
build for MinGW using Cygwin.  However, `gcc -mno-cygwin' isn't a _true_
cross compiler so you shouldn't treat it as one.


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