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Re: Proposed Mailing List Page Reorg

On 14 Jan 2002 at 21:32, Robert Collins wrote:

> contribute patches. Contribute the links *you know* (come on' after more
> than a years use you must have collected a few useful links). Don't worry
> about whether they are the best links, that's what open source doco is for!

Well, yes, exactly! Collectively this List's readers must possess in one 
form or another a prodigious pile of reference knowledge about where to 
look for answers. If we pool our knowledge we will achieve the several 
benefits of both lowering the noise level on the List (perhaps) and making 
it more interesting, and also of helping others (and probably ourselves) to 
more quickly target rich sources for areas where enriched knowledge is 

> If *you* don't, and noone else *does*, then nothing will happen, and in 6
> months Chris will say "I've been cogitating..."

Sounds pretty frightening! ;-)

I am picturing "Spike" on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (American TV show, 
sorry for the non-global reference) emerging from the shadows with that 
malevolent smirk on his face, saying "I've been cogitating.."  ;-[

   Soren Andersen

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