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Re: problem with perl 5.6.1-2 and cpan

Hi Teun,

> when downloading anything (include the index files)
> with cpan (perl -MCPAN -e shell) with
> 5.6.1-2, all download methods (LWP, Net::FTP, etc) will hang.

Do you connect with a dial-up connection or are you connected
permanently to the net?

> If I go back to 5.6.1-1 everything works fine. I use
> windows 98SE. It happens on two systems I am using, one
> with a firewall and one without. Manually the ftp sites
> are perfectly accessible.

> Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Usual I have no problems, I installed about 500 modules and
about 80% of them with the CPAN module and that all on two 
different machines (makes 1000 modules).

At home where I have a dial-up account I have sometimes trouble
when I'm not connected to the internet and start a download from
the CPAN shell.
If I dial in manually then, it seems to hang.
If I dial in manually and start the download after being connected
it works well.

At my office workstation I connect through a router and there I 
have no problems like this.

But in your case it seems to depend on the perl version or the 
version of the modules (which is obviously the only difference here).

Have you tried to update some of the modules?  libwww, Net::FTP
and some others have newer versions out. (Also CPAN, but this is
not available via CPAN IIRC).



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