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Cyg XFree86 webpage suggestion

Hi Cygwin and Christopher Faylor,

Just a quick suggestion, from someone who just went through
downloading/installing Cygwin/Xfree86:

It might cut down on confusion,etc, if on the Cygwin/Xfree86 page where it
mentions downloads, you warn people in advance of problems they may

Before they try installing Cyg/XFree86, they should first do the following
w/ their CygWin:
	- update their cygwin to something reasonably current
	- subsequently grab the older version of ncurses (to avoid that
cygncurses5.dll problem when launching X)
	- in the cygwin installer, make sure they select "Unix" linefeeds instead
of "DOS" (to avoid that "font not found" problem)

I found these links helpful in tracking down help and instructions, FWIW:

Other than that, the installation was straightforward and the install
instructions in the User Guide worked great!

Thanks for your excellent work and generosity in making these packages
available to the public!
Dave Kohn <>

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