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Re: libtool-devel and kde2 - problem with AC_PROG_CXX

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ralf Habacker" <>
To: "Cygwin" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 7:04 AM
Subject: RE: libtool-devel and kde2 - problem with AC_PROG_CXX

> Hi,
> I have downloaded the newest autotool with setup.exe and some problems
(cygwin not found
> issue) are fixed.
> The problem relating to the CXX configuration remains. After looking
in the related source I
> recognized that this might be a bug in libtool.m4 (see below)
> Charles, if you read this, please read this to the end before you
starts to answer any line
> :-)
> The first part until (***) is only to inform you about the background.
> I have created a test project with a like below and
configure is missing
> ltconfig again.
> I have added and that one can see proper

Quoting from the fink site (it was handy):
"The current development branch: This is the development version that
will some day be released as libtool 1.5. It has resulted from the merge
of 1.4 and the MLB. It supports C, C++ and Java (via gcj).
Unfortunately, it can't be easily told apart from 1.4, you'll have to
check the version number inside"

For the _last time_, the devel libtool DOES NOT and WILL NOT  create
ltconfig. Don't expect it, because its NOT MEANT TO create it.


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