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Re: error trying to compile anything schrieb:
> The lines below that you, or someone else or
> something else has installed some cygwin linked
> executables. The real problem is they put it
> in the wrong place. Never use C:\WINNT\ to
> store the cygwin1.dll.

> > Warning: C:\WINNT\ls.exe hides D:\CYG\bin\ls.exe
> REMOVE THIS! It highly not recommended to store
> cygwin1.dll in this location, not to mention that
> there are two different copies of cygwin1.dll on
> you system. Up to and including the latest
> release 1.3.6-6 two copies of cygwin1.dll could
> hardly coexist without trouble.

what about "real" versioning of the cygwin.dll finally?
perl did the half-baked thing (perl56.dll), though I heavily voted for 
the real thing that times. 
cygwin also (cygwin1.dll). why not cygwin-$(version).dll => cygwin-1.1.6.dll

this is not FAT16 anymore. we have w95/98/ME and NT systems only. 
all support long filenames.
duplicate dll's will be gone. microsoft dll hell will be past tense.
Reini Urban (soon) (big) (kulturelles)

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