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Re: error trying to compile anything

> >what about "real" versioning of the cygwin.dll finally?
> >perl did the half-baked thing (perl56.dll), though I heavily voted for
> >the real thing that times.
> >cygwin also (cygwin1.dll). why not cygwin-$(version).dll => cygwin-1.1.6.dll
> >
> >this is not FAT16 anymore. we have w95/98/ME and NT systems only.
> >all support long filenames.
> >duplicate dll's will be gone. microsoft dll hell will be past tense.
"Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" schrieb:
> The issue is not as simple as just DLL names.  Of course, if you want
> to show us all your dandy solution, provide a patch and it will be
> thoughtfully reviewed.

is this list about politics (software design) or patches (software
implementation) only?

of course dll names are just part of the game. but an important one, 
which bit microsoft heavily AFAIK. 
cygwin does support softlinks, so we should use them.
the implementation is trivial, but there should be consense.
Reini Urban (soon) (big) (kulturelles)

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