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Re: error trying to compile anything

At 07:15 PM 1/16/2002, Reini Urban wrote:
> > >what about "real" versioning of the cygwin.dll finally?
> > >perl did the half-baked thing (perl56.dll), though I heavily voted for
> > >the real thing that times.
> > >cygwin also (cygwin1.dll). why not cygwin-$(version).dll => cygwin-1.1.6.dll
> > >
> > >this is not FAT16 anymore. we have w95/98/ME and NT systems only.
> > >all support long filenames.
> > >duplicate dll's will be gone. microsoft dll hell will be past tense.
>"Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" schrieb:
> > The issue is not as simple as just DLL names.  Of course, if you want
> > to show us all your dandy solution, provide a patch and it will be
> > thoughtfully reviewed.
>is this list about politics (software design) or patches (software
>implementation) only?

If you have something to discuss regarding Cygwin, this is the list
for it.  I'm not suggesting that you were off-topic.  It's just we get
*many* "suggestions" here and very few willing to follow-up on them.  I'm
just trying to nudge you into "putting your money where your mouth is". ;-)

>of course dll names are just part of the game. but an important one, 
>which bit microsoft heavily AFAIK. 
>cygwin does support softlinks, so we should use them.
>the implementation is trivial, but there should be consense.

If you believe it's a trivial implementation, then do it and send a 
patch to cygwin-patches.  Just because you submit a patch doesn't mean 
it won't get discussed or reviewed.  A patch is a great way to indicate
exactly what you think should be done.  Otherwise, we're really just 
guessing at your specific ideas.  

I am in no way discouraging you in your pursuit of this issue but I 
would say that unless you have some understanding of the internals of 
Cygwin, I take your comment about the triviality of the change rather
lightly.  But, like I said, I know at least I have no idea how you plan
to implement this so if you do so and submit a patch, it allows us all 
to understand exactly what you have in mind.  

BTW, this issue has come up before and has been discussed, in case you
weren't aware and/or haven't seen it in the email archives.

Happy coding! :-)

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
Holliston, MA 01746                     (508) 893-9889 - FAX

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