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Bad file number


I am using the cygwin 1.3.6 release. I often get a 
"Bad file number" error, most noticably when I am 
updating via CVS.

for example, when I cvs update, I get the following errors.
	cvs server: Updating lisp
	P lisp/ChangeLog
	cvs update: cannot change mode of lisp/ChangeLog: Bad file number
	P lisp/comint.el
	cvs update: cannot change mode of lisp/comint.el: Bad file number

although it gives me the "Bad file number" error, the files
are updated as needed. this hasn't happened in earlier versions
that I have been using. an excerpt from a strace log looks like this.
every error looks like this.

	119 83011795 [main] cvs 1640 _write: 2 = write (2, 0x46424A, 2)
	144 83011939 [main] cvs 1640 _write: write (2, 0x6100A9D8, 15)
	121 83012060 [main] cvs 1640 fhandler_base::write: binary write
	Bad file number  210 83012270 [main] cvs 1640 fhandler_base::write: 15 = write (0x6100A9D8, 15)
	126 83012396 [main] cvs 1640 _write: 15 = write (2, 0x6100A9D8, 15)
	123 83012519 [main] cvs 1640 _write: write (2, 0x464297, 1)
	120 83012639 [main] cvs 1640 fhandler_base::write: binary write

any suggestions?
the only thing I can remember doing prior to getting these errors
is updating cygwin distribution to what the setup.exe shows as current
and also installing/activating inetd as an NT service.


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