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Re: gdb crashes my machine

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 12:42:35PM +0100, Dominik J?nicke wrote:
>gdb is hanging on NT with service pack5
>following steps was made:
>1. create a simple hello word program and compile it with debug option
>    a.c
>    #include<stdio.h>
>    main()
>    {
>       printf("Hello World\n");
>    }
>2. start the debugger
>   $ gdb a.exe
>3. start execution with the run-button
>   a cmd window was opened for a.exe
>4. execute one step
>5. close the running a.exe application, using the close button of the a.exe
>cmd window or the task manager
>   after some seconds the NT System ask for confirmation because the a.exe
>application does not response
>6. close the running; gdb using the close button of the "Source Window" or
>task manager
>at this point the windows of a.exe and gdb are frozen and a reset is
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