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Re: "RTFM'ing": readily accessible user documentation?

> OK, I learned a few valuable lessons in the
> couple of days last month it took me to
> clue into install-info ("dir is a file?"), and
> maybe this is more of a "pons asinorum" than
> an "Instructions for opening are on the inside"
> situation.
> That being said, I really would have appreciated
> a hint about where the documentation lives and
> how to get at it.
> Thanks, John

I don't think this is really a documentation issue.
The real problem in this case is that some package
is messed up (some package is installing its own
'dir' file, overwriting the old one, instead of
installing the info files in a script). 
You can just look at the package lists in
/etc/setup/ and figure out that the offending package
seems to be...

$ grep info/dir *

This package needs to be fixed to do the right thing.
And, I believe, a new tetex package is in the works.

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