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Re: no output from net.exe

Hi Mark - thanks for replying.  I compiled the software you mentioned.
Running `tfy net group` still shows no output.  Redirecting that
command to a file (`tfy net group >> zzz`) does produce a non-empty
file, but it contains one line of escape characters.

I have set the CYGWIN environment variable to 'tty' as the tool's
webpage suggests.

Have you experienced this problem by any chance ?

As a side issue, it's very suprising to me to think that such a problem
hasn't been fully resolved in cygwin world.  I image that administrators
who automate user accounts must run into this deficiency all the time
(because of how invaluble net.exe is (or maybe people have found an
alternative to net.exe that i am not aware of)).  Any word on this ?

| One option for programs like this is to use ttyfier, by Egor Duda.
| Ttyfier has a few outstanding issues.  I think Egor's moved on to bigger and
| better things, but in its standard form it does what you need (maybe).  I
| have a patched version that expands ttyfier past it's 80x25 version.  Email
| me if you want it.
| Mark
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| > From: Alex BATKO []
| > Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 1:04 PM
| > To:
| > Subject: no output from net.exe
| > 
| > 
| > 
| > When I am logged into my windows machine via ssh, I cannot redirect
| > the output of the command net.exe into a file, nor capture the output
| > in an array (within a perl script).
| > 
| > On the other hand, executing `net.exe group >> zzz` from the cygwin
| > bash shell, and from windows', works just as expected.
| > 
| > I have written to this list in the past (regarding this topic), but
| > the response I was given is that this is a "feature" of the program
| > net.exe (, and to
| > overcome this problem, I should start my ssh session via inetd, after
| > applying a particular patch:
| >
| > 
| > I have started ssh via inted, but it's incredibly slow to establish
| > connections - so I have opted against it.
| > 
| > I am wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem, and was able
| > to overcome it in a way other then by starting ssh from inetd.
| > 
| > Thank you for your time.
| > 
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