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Re: "RTFM'ing": readily accessible user documentation?

On 16 Jan 2002 at 15:44, Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:

> It just all seems a little pointless to me but maybe I'm missing
> something.  While I'm sure that's not your intent to aggravate the hard
> working contributors on this list, it's important to consider posts of this
> nature with a critical eye before posting.  No sense infuriating those who
> have worked so long and so hard to provide us all with what we have now.

I am really, really convinced that if someone finds the constructive 
proposal I sent in "infuriating", it is entirely their own (fairly 
important) personal problem, as in: a problem of a spiritual nature (in 
that it pertains to internal states of being, predispositions, and general 
unhappiness); and I have found it most in life necessary to strictly 
distinguish between what I rightly must own (acknowledge) in this life vs. 
what I  must allow others to own, which is rightly their [property, issue, 
attachment, pain].

To put not too fine a point on it, I ask this: if someone is so *consumed* 
with Cygwin that the devil of Anger emerges in their life on the slightest 
excuse or provocation, is that a kind of self-sacrifice that is really 
worth what is being achieved? Wouldn't taking a therapeutic break, at 
least, be in order? I worry that folks who think the answer is 'yes' are 
making the large and difficult-to-discern philosophical error of 
undervaluing their own happiness and what it means to in relation to the 

Everyone's life matters, inherently. We are mutually interdependent on one 
another in inconceivably subtle and co-extensive ways, far beyond the 
prosaic "one hand washes the other" kind of intentional, strategic mutual 
support between co-workers. Life is bigger and far more incomprehensible 
than that small intellectual notion, and so is our ultimate 

      Soren Andersen

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