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Package Lint

I have been away for a while and would be interested in working on a package
lint as a way of getting back in the loop.  What would you like it to check

My first thought would be to make it a Perl script.

Likely features:
1. No /usr/info/dir allowed.
2. Syntax check setup.hints.

Mac :})
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From: "Robert Collins" <>
To: "Charles Wilson" <>; "Joshua Franklin"
Cc: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 20:44
Subject: Re: "RTFM'ing": readily accessible user documentation?

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Charles Wilson" <>
> > Should setup.exe *refuse* to install a file called "/usr/info/dir" --
> > just to keep us safe?  Or is that setting a bad precedent?  [Or maybe
> > upset can "lint" the packages on sourceware, and refuse to add
> > foo-1.2.tar.gz to setup.ini if it contains a proscribed file like
> > /usr/info/dir]
> On my personal TODO list is a command line unix package linter.
> Setup.exe may some mechanism to manage state data - /etc/foo.cfg,
> /usr/info/dir etc, but I think a simpl solution to catch 99% of cases is
> the package linter. And yes, it should refuse to add the package, and
> email the maintainer (IMO).

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