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Windows XP, inetd, and procmail, fetchmail, and mutt

OK, I _really_ can't stand any of the mail clients for windows these days, 
so I want to go back to my tried-n-true mutt/fetchmail/procmail trio, which 
is the best mail setup I've ever had. But, as we all are on this list, I'm 
stuck in windows for one reason or another (the JVM support in windows is 
much better than in Linux, but that's another story).

So I can't get inetd to run as a service. I tried inetd 
--install-as-service, and I tried cgyrunsrv -I inetd and whatnot (stuff I 
found on the web when searching google). But I can get around that right 
now by running "inetd.exe -d" (debug mode). Telnet sorta works (can't log 
in, but i'm sure that's just a /etc/passwd issue), but procmail or sendmail 
is what i really want to work. Has anyone done this?

I couldn't get either to compile for cygwin, but I was able to find a 
binary build of procmail for cygwin online. It doesn't really work though, 
fetchmail just freezes up when trying to deliver to localhost:25. It 
doesn't get a connection refused (the connection does open up), but nothing 

So... any thoughts? I need good POP support, good filtering support, and a 
good mailer (aka: I need fetchmail, procmail, and mutt). Has anyone else 
done this? I've exhausted my searches in google for any more useful 
information, I'm all out. If I can procmail or something similar to work 
with fetchmail (or something similar) and mutt (must be mutt), then I'd be 
very happy. Anyone else try anything like this?


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