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Re: libtool-devel and kde2 - problem with AC_PROG_CXX

Ralf Habacker wrote:

> At last I like to write about some additional topic I recognized with the libtool stuff:
> 1. providing -Wl,--enable-auto-import for linking executables (
> I have prepared a patch for this, but I recognized that there must be a general strategy for
> handling the auto-import stuff. There are questions about when this flag should has to be
> set.
> Should is be set when a ld with auto-import is found by default or should this set only with
> a specific configure flag like --with-auto-import or how should this go on ? I don't know the
> answer, because I don't have the overview. The currently patch I'm using is to enable this
> flag, when a ld with auto-import stuff is found.
> So if anyone can give me a hint for the direction, I can provide this.

I think it is okay to assume that the cygwin ld has support for this 
flag.  However, --enable-auto-import IS the default, so it should not be 
necessary to specify it.


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