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Re: no output from net.exe

Just as an FYI, I am unable to duplicate this problem.  I used my Windows 
2000 laptop to ssh to my NT 4 SP6a server and I was able to execute the 
following command from a bash prompt just fine:

$ net group /domain > group.txt

I used ssh from the cmd.exe prompt and I used puTTY - each time the output 
was redirected to the file.

Have you tried use tee?  For example:

$ net group /domain | tee group.txt

Is there a specific command or situation where this does not work?  If so, 
let me know and I'll try again.


At 01/17/2002  01:04 PM, Alex BATKO wrote:

>When I am logged into my windows machine via ssh, I cannot redirect
>the output of the command net.exe into a file, nor capture the output
>in an array (within a perl script).
>On the other hand, executing `net.exe group >> zzz` from the cygwin
>bash shell, and from windows', works just as expected.
>I have written to this list in the past (regarding this topic), but
>the response I was given is that this is a "feature" of the program
>net.exe (, and to
>overcome this problem, I should start my ssh session via inetd, after
>applying a particular patch:
>I have started ssh via inted, but it's incredibly slow to establish
>connections - so I have opted against it.
>I am wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem, and was able
>to overcome it in a way other then by starting ssh from inetd.
>Thank you for your time.
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