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Re: no output from net.exe

| Make sure that your term is set to cygwin.
Is it enough to put the following in ~/.profile ?
export TERM='cygwin'

| Make sure that your window (buffer size) is set to 80x25.
I am executing the ssh command (to get into the Windows machine)
from an xterm (on my linux box) that has size 80x24.
The cygwin bash shell window (if invoked through vncviewer, or by
sitting directly at the console) has size 80x25.

| Are you getting any errors?
There is absolutely no error generated from any `net.exe` command,
nor from `tfy.exe net.exe`.

| Did you remember to drop the dll on the far machine?
Yes, both the dll (ttyfier.dll) and tfy.exe are in /usr/local/bin/
(which is in my PATH environment variable) on the windows machine.

| Are you sure your sshd server is starting with CYGWIN=tty?
No.  I don't know how to set sshd to start with an environment variable
preset.  So far, I've just always set the variables from ~/.profile:
export CYGWIN='tty'
Can you please advise me on this ?

| I can't speak as to the terminal issues you're experiencing using cygwin.
| If you look through the archives you'll see that this is an issue that comes
| around periodically.  I'd suggest checking out the previous conversations to
| find out the issues involved.
I have looked through the archives ( - but
quite honestly, the search engine for the mailing list archive is not
behaving as I expect that it should.  Searching for "net.exe" results
in a number of links to our conversation, while the rest of the results
have nothing to do with "net.exe".

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