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Re: no output from net.exe

woo, hoo !!!

| You can set this as a windows system environment variable by right 
| clicking on my computer -> properties -> environment (or advanced if you 
| on win2k?). This needs to be set at a system level so the system manager 
| sees that it is set and passes it on to sshd. You will need to reboot 
| the machine once you set this for it to take effect- simply stopping and 
| starting sshd will not pickup the change.
I have done what you suggested, and now 'net.exe' works as I've always
begged it to.

Just as a side note, in ~/.profile (of the account i'm ssh'ing to on the
windows machine) I still have:

export CYGWIN='binmode ntea'
export TERM='cygwin'

Is that OK ?  I need 'ntea' to effectively use chmod.

| The best way to search the mailing archives is with google 
| ( Type your search term in the box followed by 
| "". This will use the google search engine to search the 
| cygwin site. This is a very useful tool for many internet sites.
Adding is a very good tip - thanks.

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