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Re: private rsync 'mirror'


If you do not require unattended, scripted operation, Setup.exe performs 
fine for local Cygwin mirroring as well as installing (use the "Download 
from Internet" option to locally mirror your favorite Cygwin mirror site).

Otherwise, you can use any date-dependent / incremental, recursive FTP 
retrieval tool (still using Setup.exe for installation, of course). I used 
to do that using FTP Voyager (before I knew about wget), but since it was 
still a manually invoked process, I've switched to simply using Setup.exe 
for both retrieval and installation. I also must manually clean out old 
packages--I keep the current and previous packages and discard the older 
ones. I do not recall if the Cygwin mirrors keep "defunct" older versions 
of the packages and if so how many, but if they do, it would interfere with 
wanting an automated download if you didn't want to keep the same amount of 
package history as your chosen mirror.

If you do want a scripted or automated option, just use wget with suitable 
options. That should do what you want just fine. If you don't want to trail 
along old versions, then you may need to write a script (sed, awk, Perl or 
some such) to extract names of package files form the current Setup.ini 
file and retrieve new ones, and, possibly, discard those no longer 
"current" and/or "previous" and/or "experimental."

By the way, I've been bit once (out of a potential two times, I should say. 
... "fooled me once...") by the need to use a "special" two-pass 
installation procedure for certain package updates, so one really must read 
the Cygwin mailing list for release and update announcements. Thus fully 
automated or "blind" Cygwin updating is not yet a foolproof possibility.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 11:35 2002-01-18, Michael Adler wrote:

>I'd like to keep a local copy of the latest cygwin packages. I'm sure I 
>could just ftp everything from each night, but I'd much 
>rather use rsync (or something comparable) and spare everyone the waste.
>My link is so modest so it would be pointless to mirror the content to 
>others. Can anyone recommend an option?
>thank you,
>Mike Adler

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